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Clay Shooting Package Dublin

Hotel and Breakfast

If you are looking for pocket friendly but quality accommodation within Ireland, Dublin is the place to be. There are hotels for different budgets. They offer rooms that are not only spacious but also elegantly furnished thereby providing an ambience that is both calm and relaxing. The hotels are appropriately equipped with modern conveniences such as satellite television, telephones and internet. Guests are served breakfast either in their rooms or in the Buffet Room and Snack Bar. The hotels are located short distances from clubs, go carting tracks and the clay shooting fields. The superior service offered is sure to make your holiday pleasant and memorable.

Clay shooting

Thinking of shooting dead some bird? Do you love holding a gun on your hands? Clay shooting is just the sport for you. But don’t get it twisted, it does not involve shooting dead live birds but it sure is a memorable experience. You get to hold a short gun, nothing less than a 12 gauge, in your hands and shoot at targets more than 100 meters away. But beware, while no experience is necessary, it does require some skills. In addition to shooting at stationary targets, you may also be required to shoot at others that bounce on the ground or fly in the air.

VIP Strip club Entry

What would a stag party be without a visit to the strip club to ogle at naked ladies? The answer, boring and unmemorable! A visit to a strip club may be naughty but exciting and unforgettable. With VIP strip club entry you do not have to queue in line like ordinary folks. In addition, you are reserved the best available table, you get to watch the girls dance from a vantage point and even dance with one of the many beauties. But you should not get carried away as to touch the girls as you will be thrown out.

VIP Night club Entry

So you like dancing and can dance till day break? The last thing that any stag party wants to hear on the all important night is ‘not tonight’ or ‘filled to capacity’. With VIP night club entry, you are guaranteed entry into the hottest clubs in Dublin without having to queue. In addition, you are assured of a constant supply of drinks. The only way you can truly appreciate the ambience, music and décor in any club is from the VIP section. VIP club entry ensures that your stag party seats on one table from a location where they are able to see everything that goes on in the club.


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