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Golf Package Dublin


Hotel and breakfast

It is your last weekend of “freedom”; surely you do not want to pass it in some drab apartment drinking beer with the boys. So why not sample the best of Dublin accommodation? You will be offered excellent accommodation in one of the best hotels found in Dublin city. Dublin’s hotels offer a very informal and relaxed atmosphere to ensure that you feel at home away from home. This way, there is no pressure for anyone to play host. Furthermore, you can make all the mess you want- someone else will clean up after you!!


One round of golf

During the day, when you are just lazing around the hotel, it would be great to indulge yourself by playing a round of golf while enjoying the lush scenery and Dublin’s weather on a fair day. Dublin has some of the best golf courses in the world, each of which is lavishly designed, and the city takes pride in offering world-class golf facilities. If you are a golf lover, there is no better way to relax than by sampling the world’s finest golf courses. You could even pick up a few new golfing tricks on your way to your wedding.


VIP night club entry

Your night-clubbing days are over!!! Okay, they are not, but they will most likely reduce significantly after you get married (sob! sob!). It is highly unlikely therefore, nay impossible, that you will want to pass the nights of your stag weekend curled up in your bed. The boys will surely weep at the suggestion. Instead, experience the best of Dublin nightlife by enjoying VIP treatment in a high-end nightclub. Enjoy some good music and drinks, hang out with the boys and dance your heart out. The memories will serve you well for a long time to come.

VIP strip club entry

Strip clubs are an active part of Dublin nightlife and an even more active part of a stag night, therefore you will most likely want to experience a good strip club during your stag weekend. This package comes with a VIP entry into a classy strip club therefore you are guaranteed first-class service. The beautiful Ireland girls skilled in the art of strip tease will keep you thoroughly entertained and if you so wish they can even give you a lap dance.

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