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Planning Your Stag Party

A stag night is not a plot that you and the boys ramble drunkenly about as you sketch a rough plan the night before. It is an event- take note- an event that requires unique ideas and careful preparation as early as three months before it takes place. There are so many things to plan and the boys will have to be organized into a committee of sorts if only to get things going. Do not wait for the last minute then throw some jumbled up stag party. You will make the poor groom weep. Please not also that the groom should have a say in the kind of stag party that he wants. So the first thing you need to do is to get the idea of what you want to do. The only thing limiting this stag party’s success is your creativity so get those creative juices flowing as early as possible.

First things first, you need to know how many people will be there. Ten is usually a good figure, but hey, the more the merrier! But note that the number of stags invited will be largely informed by the type of day activity that you will be engaged in. For instance, Go Karting would be great with a crowd but quad racing might be a bit of a bore if there are too many people around. For the love of humanity, invite only the friends that the groom gets along with well. We do not want some awkward moments on someone’s big day, now do we? Destination choice is also an important determining factor of how large the group will be. If you are checking into a hotel, you want everyone in the group to be comfortably accommodated without straining your pocket.

Once the size of the group has been agreed upon, you need to decide on the day that the event will be held. Do not choose a date coinciding with the groom’s birthday (yikes!) or some other special occasion otherwise you might end up with a stag party without the main stag. Choose a neutral day where everyone is available. Once you have settled on a date, do not change it unless with a very good reason.

Consider your finances. How much money are you planning to blow away and who will contribute towards it? How much are they contributing and will they honor their monetary pledges? Money is a very significant part of this whole affair and should be the first thing to settle before you start planning for the stag activity. You could choose a treasurer to collect and manage the funds, taking care of all the expenses that need to be taken care of ASAP. However, ensure that the treasurer you choose is not likely to blow up that money on himself instead, leaving you in a financial crisis. You would be well advised to open an account specifically for the stag money to make your finances as organized and as safe as possible.

Now that the money issue is safely out of the way, you can really get into the thick of things by choosing a destination commensurate to the amount of money that you have. This brings in a whole host of other issues. How far are you traveling and is the transportation organized? Last but not least, will the missus allow you to travel that far with your buddies- who she never liked anyway- for, of all other things, a stag party? (There is a reason why the call it the last night of freedom). Once you have chosen a destination, find out all you can about that city and how stag friendly its entertainment joints are before you settle on the ones you wish to go to.

Organizing the stag party’s activities will largely depend on whether you are going for an adrenaline surging event or if you wish to keep it calm. Get the groom to give you suggestions on his preferred activity for the day to avoid any disappointments. You do not want, for instance, to choose golfing as a day activity only to find out when it is too late that the groom not only detests golfing, HE SUCKS AT IT! Why, pray tell, do you want to ruin some poor groom’s stag party?

Consider all the nitty gritties of a stag party. Does everyone know everyone or will you need an ice breaker? What type of accommodation are you going for and how much will it cost the group? Is there a stag supper involved or should people come with stomachs that have properly been taken care of? Are there any other activities you will wish to be involved in other than the main activities? Do not forget the stripper!!! The stags will cut you into pieces and feed you to the birds! Book her early enough to avoid any last minute inconveniences. Go over your checklist again and again to ensure that everything is taken care of. Only then can you relax and wait to surprise the groom with the stag party of the century.

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