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Ultimate Guide to Westport Stag Do

Westport, in terms of being a stag do destination, is eclectic and the group will never run of things and activities to enjoy. Stag party Westport surely allows the team to have the best times before marching down the aisle.

Ultimate Guide to Westport Top Attractions

Ultimate Guide to Westport Top Attractions - Stagit.ieYour stag tour won’t be complete without a trip to the town’s major attractions. Visit Achill Islands and be amazed by its fantastic views, especially its must-visit beaches – Keem Bay and Keel Beach. These beaches are stunning and there is so much to do for the stags – swimming, kayaking, and surfing.

Definitely, you also shouldn’t miss a pilgrim in the Croagh Mountain which is considered as the holiest mountain in Ireland. In the summit of the mountain is where Saint Patrick fasted for forty days. In honour of the saint, every year there are a million pilgrims go the place.

While in the mountain, you got a magnificent view of Clew Bay, which is the spectacular bay in Ireland. The bay has 365 islands; 117 of them are drumlins of limestones.

Another terrific place to visit is the Great Western Greenway. The trail will offer you beautiful countryside and waterfront scenery. 

Guide to Westport Land Activities

Guide to Westport Land Activities - Stagit.ie

Besides the top attractions, there are land-based activities that’ll surely thrill and lighten up the stags’ mood. 

If there’s one activity that defines Westport that would be Golf. With just a five-minute drive from the town, you can reach the Westport Golf Club. It is one of Ireland’s finest and highly regarded championship venue for golf.

However, if you are not an avid fan of golf, then you can try horse riding. Carrowholly Stables is a great choice for horse riding. They offer a guided scenic and coastal treks with a breathtaking view of Clew Bay. 

Guide to Westport Water Activities

Spare some energy as there are still water-based activities to enjoy while in this coastal town. Try kayaking at Adventure Island and get to experience Clew Bay while in the boat.

Another fun activity for water sports lovers is Stand up paddleboarding (SUP). Test your balance and use the paddle to move.

Consequently, you can try the Killary Fjord Water Taxi. This activity involved a taxi transfer then follows the Killary Fjord passing old cottages, mussel boats, and fish farms.

Ultimate Guide to Westport Hotels

Activities are staples in every stag do. Yet, it is equally important finding a place where the stags would feel comfort and relaxation. Fortunately, Westport offers myriads of hotel choices, whether it’s luxurious hotels or bed and breakfast.

Ultimate Guide to Westport Hotels - Stagit.ie

Make a reservation at Westport Coast Hotel and the group will be provided not only with a nice overlooking view of Clew Bay and Croagh Patrick. Stags will also get to enjoy a full-service spa, health club, restaurants, and an indoor pool.

Also giving a magnificent view of the town and its attraction is the Knockranny House Hotel & Spa. The hotel has the finest restaurants, the best cocktails, and amazing spa facilities. 

However, if the group rather prefers to wake up with a ready-made breakfast then pick Hazelbrook B&B. This hotel is situated in a quiet residential area offers stunning scenery plus a wide selection of breakfast menus.

Clew Bay Hotel is another great selection for bed and breakfast accommodation. And oh, their fish and chips – it’s for the kill!

Ultimate Guide to Westport Restaurants

Who wants a hungry stomach? Definitely not me, and definitely not a stag on tour? Dine at An Port Mór Restaurant and be served with the finest and freshest ingredients. This award-winning restaurant is the place to enjoy and experience local food.

If you’re a lover of a homecooked meal, then go to Rings Bistro. They have something that suits everyone’s appetite.

Lastly, have a bounty at the Tavern Bar & Restaurant. The best place to enjoy seafood is at this restaurant. It also offers a full bar for your drinking needs.

Ultimate Guide to Westport Pubs and Bars

Ultimately, we’ve come to the most exciting part of the stag tour! After a day hiking or horse riding, you wanna sit, relax, and have a pint. Luckily, Westport after dark is vibrant and bustling.

Stags who prefer a nice and quiet place, pick Toby’s, Moran’s or McGings.

However, if you wanna dance and listen to music, then your options include The Jester, Matt Molloy, and Cosy Joe.

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