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Best Pubs in Galway

best pubs in Galway

Welcome to the heart of craic and cheer! Galway, the city that knows how to have a good time! If you’re hankering for a night out like no other, you’ve come to the right place. We all know that finding the best pubs in Galway is like discovering pots of gold at the end of a rainbow – pure magic!

Picture this: traditional Irish music filling the air, laughter dancing in every corner, and a pint of the finest ale in your hand. Galway’s pub scene is a lively whirlwind of fun, and we’re here to be your trusty guides through this rollicking adventure.

So, hold on tight and join us as we venture into the nooks and crannies of this vibrant city, seeking out the top pubs that’ll guarantee you a night you’ll cherish for years to come. Whether you’re a local or a wanderer passing through, we’re about to uncover the hidden gems where the real Galway magic happens!

An Púcán

Welcome to An Púcán, one of Galway’s oldest traditional pubs – it’s got a brand new makeover, but the craic’s as good as ever! Live music every day, from trad and folk tunes in the afternoon to local acts and DJs for some late-night boogie. With over 150 incredible whiskeys, craft beers, and boutique wines, your taste buds are in for a treat!

And hold on tight – we’ve got a hidden gem called The Garden! Imagine a walled beer garden with comfy furniture and canopies to shield you from the Irish weather. It’s the perfect spot for outdoor dining, refreshing drinks, and sizzling summer BBQs with An Púcán’s famous pub grub! Don’t miss out on the magic at one of the “best pubs in Galway” – come join the fun!

The Front Door Pubbest pubs in Galway

The Front Door Pub is where the craic is mighty, and the good times never end! Right in the heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter, they’ve got the best of both worlds with Shop Street and Quay Street just around the corner.

Sports fan? No problem! Catch all the action on their big HD TVs with surround sound – you won’t miss a single moment!

Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate pub experience! FIVE bars to choose from, including a swanky cocktail lounge, Sonny Molloy’s Whiskey Bar with a treasure trove of Irish and international whiskey, and the award-winning gin bar, Tigh Nora – home to Nora’s Irish Gin!

By day, they’re your friendly local, loved by Galwegians and visitors alike. Feast on tasty treats from their menu, filled with traditional Irish flair and international twists.

But when the sun goes down, the real party begins! Live music every night, popular bands, and well-known DJs will have you dancing till the wee hours.

Got something to celebrate? The Front Door is the place! From birthdays to stag parties, they’ve got you sorted.

Tigh Neachtain

Tigh Neachtain is an iconic gem among the best popular pubs in Galway! Behind its eye-catching blue and yellow façade on 17 Cross Street, you’ll find a treasure trove of Galway’s history, art, and culture. Take a seat at their sheltered outdoor area, soak in the city’s vibes, and watch the world go by – you never know what delightful surprises await!

Step inside for a drink extravaganza! Craft beers, home brews, rare whiskey, scotch, and the creamiest Guinness – they’ve got ’em all! Come join the fun and feel the heart and soul of Galway in every sip!

The Kings Head

Behold The Kings Head – a true crown jewel among the “best pubs in Galway”! You’ll find it standing tall on High Street, wearing its rich history like a badge of honor. It’s no ordinary pub, mind you – it’s a landmark steeped in medieval charm from the 17th century!

When the sun sets, the live music starts pumping – every single night! And let me tell ya, they’ve got the longest-running Sunday morning jazz session in town. It’s like music heaven, right here in Galway!

Now, if you’re looking for a laid back vibe, head on up to the top floor bar – a cozy lounge where time just seems to slow down. It’s the perfect spot to unwind, relax, and savor the good times with friends and a drink in hand.

Taaffes Bar

If it’s a taste of the real Irish spirit you’re after, Taaffes Bar is the place to be – one of the “best pubs in Galway” where the music never stops and the craic is always flowin’!

Step inside, and you’re in for a treat! Traditional Irish music sessions playin’ ’round the clock – day or night, you’re in for a musical feast! Right in the heart of the city’s main shopping area, Taaffes is buzzin’ all day long with the sweet sound of ceol and laughter.

No need to worry about your stomach either – they’ve got you covered with delicious food served until 2 pm daily. Now that’s what we call a win-win – great tunes and scrumptious bites!

O’Connell’s Bar best pubs in Galway

Step inside, and you might think it’s your cozy city pub – but hold on! As you wander past the bar, you’ll stumble upon a quaint old family-style lounge. It’s like being welcomed into someone’s home for a grand gathering – pure comfort and charm!

But that’s not all, my friends! Keep wandering, and there it is – the crown jewel of O’Connell’s – the best Beer Garden in all of Galway! Half heated and covered, half traditional outdoor garden, this spot is a true masterpiece. Rain or shine, you’ll find yourself sipping drinks and sharing laughs in the most perfect setting.

Crane Bar

Prepare to be swept away by the enchanting sounds of Ireland at The Crane Bar – hands down one of the best pubs in Galway for trad music lovers!

This place is a haven for musicians and music enthusiasts alike. If you’ve got a passion for playing or a love for listening, you’ve found your paradise right here!

Nestled in the cozy ‘Small Crane’ Square, The Crane Bar invites you to a musical journey like no other. With nightly music both upstairs and down, the tunes never stop!

Venture upstairs, and you’ll find a much-loved venue, with an intimate and relaxed atmosphere that seats 70. It’s the perfect spot to get lost in the melodies and immerse yourself in the magic of trad music.

And that’s not all! Downstairs, you’ll step into an authentic traditional bar – one of the few remaining in all its original glory. It’s like taking a step back in time, embracing the true spirit of Irish pub culture.

The Quays Bar

Gather ’round, folks, and let me take you on a journey through the rich history of The Quays Bar – one of the best pubs in Galway that’s been tickling taste buds and entertaining souls for nearly 400 years!

Located smack dab in the heart of Galway City, in the vibrant Latin Quarter, The Quays is an iconic and historic drinking haven. Galwegians and visitors alike have been flocking here for generations, and it’s not hard to see why!

They’ve got something for everyone, from a delicious carvery lunch to a mouthwatering a la carte dinner – the food’s as good as the craic! And oh, speaking of craic, there’s live music to get your toes tapping every single evening!

As you wander through their charming bars, you’ll notice an abundance of church artifacts – arches and even a stained glass window! It’s like sippin’ your pint in a piece of history!

If you’re looking for the most happening spot, head to ‘The Old Bar’ – the favorite haunt of regular local customers. You’ll find traditional music setting the mood most evenings – the tunes will warm your heart and soul!

But that’s not all – oh no! Their upstairs Music Hall is a true sight to behold! A split-level design with a majestic church organ as the backdrop to the stage. And guess what? There’s even an authentic restored railway footbridge overlooking the stage – a resplendent masterpiece, if I do say so myself!

The Dáil Barbest pubs in Galway

You’ve stumbled upon a true gem in the heart of Galway’s Latin Quarter – The Dáil Bar, one of the best pubs in Galway that’s all about great times and good vibes!

Come on in and feel the warmth of their welcoming ambiance – it’s like being wrapped in a cozy Irish hug! And let me tell ya, the food – oh, it’s simply divine! Award-winning cocktails and an exclusive whiskey selection will have your taste buds dancin’ with delight!

Conveniently nestled at the corner of Cross Street and Middle Street, The Dáil Bar is the place where locals and tourists alike gather for a bit of craic. Whether it’s lunch or dinner, their menu offers restaurant-quality food made with love from carefully sourced ingredients – and all at affordable prices! They’re raising the bar on traditional bar food, making it a feast to remember!

Spread over two floors, they’ve got you covered for a night out like no other! Their late bar keeps the fun rolling ’til 2am, seven nights a week! Live entertainment lights up the stage every evening – with music midweek and DJs pumping up the jam on weekends!

And for you sports fans out there – they’ve got your back! All the main games and events are screened LIVE in HD on their big screens! The Dáil Bar’s got it all – from epic sit-down meals to casual get-togethers with finger food and drinks, their parties are legendary!

McGinn’s Hop House

Prepare to hop into craft beer paradise at McGinn’s Hop House – a place that’s quickly become one of the best pubs in Galway since its grand opening in July 2015!

Craft beer lovers, this one’s for you! McGinn’s boasts a wide variety of top-notch craft beers, with a whopping 18 beers on tap! And let’s not forget about the Gins and Whiskies – oh, they’ve got the finest selection to tickle your taste buds!

But that’s not all – oh no! McGinn’s Hop House takes things to a whole new level with their mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas, piping hot and full of flavor! And wait ’til you hear this – they even serve up scrumptious breakfast and lunch too, so you’re sorted no matter the time of day!

Carroll’s on Dominick Street

Let me introduce you to Carroll’s on Dominick Street – a relative newcomer to the Galway pub scene, but boy, oh boy, it’s already got the reputation of being one of the best pubs in Galway for an unforgettable night out!

Nestled in Galway’s West End, Carroll’s welcomes you with a homely old-world pub feel that’ll make you feel right at home. But hold on, the real magic awaits out back – brace yourselves for the most eclectic and retro beer gardens you’ve ever seen!

Picture this: sippin’ on your pint, baskin’ in the summer sun, and indulging in fine pizza straight from their own double-decker pizza bus restaurant! It’s like a party in paradise, right in the heart of Galway!

Jury’s Inn Bar

Lean in, me pals, and let me tell you about the hidden gem of Galway – the Garden Bar at Jury’s Inn! It’s one of the best pubs in Galway that’ll leave you breathless!

Picture this – Galway’s largest beer garden, sitting pretty right by the River Corrib, overlooking the world-famous Claddagh and the mighty Fishery watchtower. Oh, it’s like a dream come true! This suntrap is THE place to be on a glorious summer’s day – and trust me, it’s hotter than a pot of gold in here!

Whether you’re craving a relaxing coffee, a scrumptious bite to eat, or some refreshing drinks, the Garden Bar has got your back! And with a capacity of over 150 folks, you can bring all your friends along!

Grab a seat on their comfy garden furniture, take in the wonderful surroundings, and let the music sweep you away. With a full sound system playing all sorts of tunes, the vibe is always just right!

Fancy a casual get-together or a bash to remember? Look no further – they’ve got you covered! The Garden Bar is the perfect spot for any occasion. And get this – in the summer months, they fire up the grill with a full BBQ menu, and their dedicated Chef is ready to serve up a feast fit for kings and queens!

Explore the Best Pubs and Bars in Galway

And there you have it, folks – the ultimate guide to the “best pubs in Galway” and the recipe for an epic night you won’t soon forget! Galway’s pub scene is a real treasure trove, teeming with charm, flavor, and fun!

So, lads and lassies, when you’re planning you Galway stag, make sure to hit up these top bars for a night that’ll light up the town! Embrace the Galway nightlife, taste the local flavors, and dance your heart out!

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