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Dive into Dodgeball: The Best Clubs in Ireland

Ah, dodgeball – the quintessential game that brings out the competitive spirit and camaraderie in all of us. If you’re in Ireland and have a penchant for dodging, ducking, diving, and dipping, joining a dodgeball club might just be your ticket to dodgeball greatness! The dodgeball Ireland clubs offer more than just a chance to hurl rubber balls at your mates; they’re hubs of friendship, fitness, and fun.

dodgeball Ireland

The Top Dodgeball Clubs in Ireland

Let’s take a jaunt through the Emerald Isle to discover the top dodgeball Ireland clubs that are shaking things up in the dodgeball scene:

Dublin Dodgeball Club

Dublin Dodgeball Club is the reigning champion of dodgeball in Ireland. With regular training sessions and social shindigs, this club knows how to keep the dodgeball fever alive. Here’s what makes them a top contender:

  • Active and Inclusive: They welcome dodgeball enthusiasts of all skill levels, from novices to seasoned pros.
  • National and International Competitions: Dublin Dodgeball Club doesn’t shy away from the big leagues. They compete fiercely in national and international tournaments.
  • Multiple Training Locations: With training spots scattered across Dublin, including the Swan Leisure Centre in Rathmines and Bluebell Community Centre, there’s no excuse not to join in the dodgeball action!

Check out Dublin Dodgeball Club’s Facebook page here!


Galway Dodgeball Club

Established in 2015, Galway Dodgeball Club has quickly risen to prominence in the Irish dodgeball circuit. Here’s why they’re a force to be reckoned with:

  • Thriving Community: Galway Dodgeball Club fosters a vibrant and welcoming community where dodgeball enthusiasts can thrive.
  • Regular Training Sessions: They keep the dodgeball skills sharp with frequent training sessions at the Sportsdome in Salerno.
  • Active in National Leagues: Galway Dodgeball Club doesn’t just play for fun; they play to win in national leagues and competitions.

Check out Galway Dodgeball Club’s Instagram page here!


Trinity College Dublin Dodgeball Club

Calling all scholars and dodgeball aficionados! Trinity College Dublin Dodgeball Club brings the thrill of dodgeball to the academic realm. Here’s what sets them apart:

  • University Dodgeball: As Ireland’s first university dodgeball club, they’re pioneers in blending academics with athleticism.
  • Social Sports Vibes: Thursday evenings at the Main Sports Hall in Trinity College Dublin are reserved for dodgeball madness and social shenanigans.
  • Inclusive Atmosphere: Whether you’re a student or simply a dodgeball enthusiast, everyone’s welcome to join the dodgeball fun at Trinity College Dublin Dodgeball Club!

Check out their website here!


UCC Dodgeball Club

Fresh on the dodgeball scene, UCC Dodgeball Club is making waves in Cork and beyond. Here’s why they’re a rising star:

  • Cork’s First Dodgeball Club: Bringing the dodgeball fever to Cork, UCC Dodgeball Club is the talk of the town.
  • Social Sports Galore: Tuesday evenings at the Mardyke Arena in Cork are reserved for dodgeball madness and social bonding.
  • Open Arms Policy: Whether you’re a seasoned dodgeball player or a curious newcomer, UCC Dodgeball Club welcomes you with open arms.

Check out UCC Dodgeball Club’s Facebook page here!


Join the Dodgeball Revolution

There you have it, folks – the cream of the crop when it comes to dodgeball Ireland clubs! So, grab your dodgeballs, lace up your sneakers, and dive headfirst into the exhilarating world of dodgeball. 

Whether you’re dodging in Dublin, gallivanting in Galway, studying at Trinity College Dublin, or exploring Cork, there’s a dodgeball Ireland club waiting to welcome you with open arms. Join the dodgeball revolution and let the games begin!

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