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Are you brave enough to step into the shadows and add a dash of spine-tingling spookiness to your stag night? Look no further, mates! Stagit’s Ghost Tour Adventure in Ireland is here to turn your stag party into a ghostly gala, filled with laughs, frights, and unforgettable memories.

Inside Ireland’s Dark Underbelly

Picture this – a night dripping with eerie laughter, ghostly camaraderie, and just a pinch of hair-raising excitement. Our Ghost Tour Adventure promises a stag night that’s not just memorable – it’s downright hauntingly hilarious.

Haunted Hotspots

Ireland, with its centuries-old tales and spectral folklore, is the playground of the supernatural. Our Ghost Tour Package takes you and your mates on a journey to some of the country’s spookiest haunts, ensuring your stag party is talked about in both this realm and the next.

Here are some of the popular haunted hotspots in Ireland:

Leap Castle

Prepare to navigate through hidden chambers and corridors at Leap Castle, where centuries of paranormal shenanigans have left their mark. It’s like a historical ghost soap opera, but with more laughter and fewer tears.

Loftus Hall

Get ready for the shivers at Loftus Hall, where ghostly apparitions and supernatural tales abound. It’s not just a mansion; it’s a haunted haven that will leave your stag party questioning reality – and possibly your choice of underpants.

Púca of Dublin

Encounter the mischievous Púca on Dublin’s haunted streets. This legendary Irish spirit is the perfect blend of fright and delight, ensuring your stag night is as unpredictable as a ghost’s favorite hiding spot.

Package Highlights

Exclusive Night Tours

Our Ghost Tour Adventure is tailored for those who crave a scare after sunset. Roam through Ireland’s haunted history under the cloak of darkness – a stag party and a horror flick combined, with extra wit and a side of laughter.

Expert Guides

Led by seasoned paranormal guides, your stag party is in for a spooktacular time. Listen to tales that will make your spine tingle, learn about the historical hauntings, and who knows, you might catch a ghostly chuckle or two.

All the Perks You Deserve

  • Central Hotel B&B or Pubstyle Accommodation (with a ghostly touch)
  • Ghost Tour under the stars (because ghosts prefer nighttime shenanigans)
  • Finger Food After Activity in a Spooky Pub (ghostly cravings, anyone?)
  • Guestlist entrance into a Top Night Club (where even the spirits know how to party)
  • Reserved table in the nightclub, because ghosts aren’t the only ones who deserve VIP treatment
  • All the usual premium extras
  • Dedicated group website – because your stag party deserves an online séance.

Dare to make your stag night spooktacular? Book our Ghost Tour Adventure now and let the ghostly hilarity commence. It’s time to scare up some laughs and make your stag night the talk of both the living and the afterlife! 

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