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Hey Lads! Ready to turn your stag party with Stagit into a legendary adventure that’ll buzz the whole town? Well, buckle up because Stagit’s OUTRAGEOUS GAMES Package is about to take your stag do party games to a new epic level!


The Stag Squad Headquarters

Imagine a den so epic it puts man caves to shame – that’s our Central Self-Catering Apartment. Right in the heart of the action, this pad is where the magic begins. It’s not just a place to crash; it’s your battle station for a night of mayhem. Warning: Strutting in your PJs might just become a thing!

Outrageous Games Extravaganza

Time to kick off the main event – the Outrageous Games Extravaganza! Move over, boring games; it’s time for some stag do party games madness. Prosecco Pong Extravaganza – because regular Pong is so last season. Dance-Off Delirium – where your moves get wilder than a herd of stags on the loose. Get ready to laugh so hard your beer belly might just get jealous!

VIP Nightclub Coronation

After the outrageous stag do party games, the night begins! VIP entry, reserved table, and a round of drinks at a chic nightclub – it’s like a royal coronation for your stag squad. Tonight, you lads are the kings of the dance floor. Sip, dance, and let those roars out – because you deserve a night to remember.

All the Premium Extras You Deserve

Expect nothing but the crème de la crème with our premium extras. We’ve sprinkled the works – luxe amenities, thoughtful touches, and a touch of Irish magic. Your stag party deserves it, and we’re here to make it happen.

Group Management Magic

Worried about the details? Fear not, lads! Our group management system is like your personal fairy godmother, handling the logistics while you swagger through the night. Your only job? Sparkle and shine like the stag legends you are.

What’s included in the full package:

  • Central Self-Catering Apartment
  • Outrageous Stag Do Party Games Extravaganza
  • Finger Food After Activity in Pub
  • Guestlist Entrance into Top Nightclub
  • Reserved Table in Nightclub
  • 1 Round of Shots in Nightclub
  • All the Usual Premium Extras
  • Dedicated Group Website

Ready to dive into a night of stag do party games and relaxation? Secure your spot for the OUTRAGEOUS GAMES Bash. Let the stag party in Ireland shenanigans commence, and may the laughs echo through the ages!

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