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How To Plan A Stag Night



Believe it or not but a really good stag night that everyone will remember wont just happen, it needs planning. Early planning is a must and we would recommend 3months in advance in order o have everything running smoothly. Get the groom and best man involved the whole way through so there’s no complaint’s on the day.


1.) The first thing you want an idea of is numbers. How many is going. Now you might want to take a few things into account here,

  • Depending the the activity you want to do will there be too many people standing around bored waiting for their turn.
  • Choice of destination, no point going to a B&B for 10 people in a group size of 25.
  • Keep in mind although everyone will say they are going at the start, people will drop out o try include this in your numbers. There’s always the usual suspects likely to drop out.

2.) Once you have numbers sorted its time to set dates. Try not to have to close to the wedding, we want the groomsman looking the his best on the day so give him time to let his eyebrows grow back or cover up his new tattoo. Once you’ve a date decided on try your best stick to it.

3.) Budget is usually of little concern but keep in mind, not everyone might be able to afford a weekend trip to Vegas. Try get the budget price early so everyone has a good idea. Its a good idea to start saving weekly so you dont notice a hole in the piggy bank.



OK you now have your shit together and it’s time to party. Here’s a few pointer’s we’ve picked up which may come in handy for you.

  1. Get everybody to throw some money together and stick it behind the bar. We like this for a few reasons. The mane arse that never buys his round cant get away. The group sticks together as no one is going to leave €50 behind the bar and take off.
  2. What every stag games, themes or any other planning you have organised for the night, make sure you try stick with them for the night, dont ruin all your hard work. Diffidently keep up the themes policy, you will have the best crack with this.
  3. Remember when your all twisted and having a great time to try and have some sort of normality. When heading for the club, break up in pairs of 2-3 otherwise the lovely bouncers might not appreciate a bunch of drunken lunatics standing in front of them with cheeky grins looking to get in. Be a good boy in the que, no overtaking!



Well whats left to say, you’ve had the crack and your all just dieing to get home to your own bed for some lonely time. Before you go we’re going to leave you with one last rule, the most important rule of them all.

What happens after the stag night, and that is: what happened on the stag weekend stays there!

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