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Team building

Team building with stagit.ie

Motivate and Create Stronger Bonds with Stagit Teambuilding Activities

Are your employees unmotivated, slacking, or badly need inspiration? How about getting them all together for some teambuilding activities? Too much work can rob people of their energy.

The Japanese prove that, at times, work can even take away a person’s will to live. Kar?shi is a Japanese word that means “death from overwork.” Most of those deaths are caused by strokes and heart attacks because of too much stress.

With that in mind, it really is important for employees to have a chance to de-stress and that can come in the form of teambuilding activities. Now, you can arrange for teambuilding activities with Stagit. Though the company is well-known for organizing hen and stag party activities, they also do team building courses for companies all over Ireland.

Effects of Teambuilding Activities

1.      Improve Overall Productivity

Managing a team can be quite difficult especially when the team members are not working well together. If you need people to start working well together, they must know and be comfortable with each other first. In this case, a teambuilding activity can be the answer to such a problem. When you have the whole team working well together, you get to improve overall productivity.


Uninspired and unmotivated workers will also need some form of boost. That boost can also come from an activity that they will actually enjoy doing.

2.      Staff Retention

Training can be quite time consuming. Employees simply aren’t productive either during the training process. After training employees to do their jobs, spending time and resources to do so, it would be bad for the company if they suddenly quit.


Staff retention is important. Hence, keeping one’s employees happy becomes important. That can be easily achieved with some teambuilding activities from time to time. Give them a break from their regular duties and they will continue doing their job efficiently.

3.      Profitability

Without a doubt, business is all about profit. Losing resources from training and teambuilding activities can be seen as necessary expenses for overall profitability.


Keeping current employees happy, motivated, working well together, and trusting each other means more profit in the long run. Of course, if and when overall productivity increases, profit increases in direct proportion as well.

These are just some of the effects of teambuilding activities that will benefit any business. Small, medium, or large, all businesses need such activities for their employees’ overall wellbeing.

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