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So you were asked to be Bestman and so far so good, nobody died at the stag party – success! But there’s one more thing hanging over your head: the Bestman speech. It’s all down to you to be charming and witty, sentimental but manly, compliment the bride and embarrass the groom… all without offending the mother in laws. No pressure!

That’s where The Wedding Writer comes in.


Unlike other websites that recycle old speeches and stale jokes, we write a brand new, tailor-made speech every time. Whether you want to be funny, emotional, sentimental or cheeky, you can be guaranteed that your speech will sound like it came from you. And even better, the service is completely anonymous, so you can take all of the credit for it!

We start things off with a chat (over the phone, on Skype or in person) to get to know your personality and find out all of the details we need to write your original Bestman speech. We’ll talk about your relationship with the groom, your feelings on the bride (completely confidential!), memorable moments through the years and anything else you want to say but can’t seem to find the right words to say it.

Then once we decide on the tone and length that you want for your speech, you’re off the hook and it’s over to us to write a professional best man speech for you.

Depending on how quickly you need it, we will then send you the first draft of your speech for you to make changes and suggestions…or tear up and ask us to start again! We’ll keep going until you are happy, and even listen to you practice if you need a test run.

Of course if you have already written your speech but want a professional eye to look over it and make some suggestions or give some reassurance, we can do that too. We can also listen to you practice and give you some tips on what to expect on the day so that nothing will take you by surprise or knock you off your game.

We can also write a speech for the Father of The Bride, Maid of Honour or anyone else who needs one.

About Me
My job is to find the right words, and luckily for bestmen everywhere, I’m pretty good at it!I am a professional writer and work for one of Ireland’s biggest television stations, TV3, writing scripts for programmes and copy for publications. I have also written professional speeches for The Director of Programming, and I understand the pressure that comes with being in the spotlight.


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