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Directions to Carrick on Shannon

Welcome, wanderers, to the captivating destination of Carrick-on-Shannon! If you’re dreaming of an adventure-filled getaway, this charming town nestled in the heart of Ireland is calling your name. But before you embark on your journey, let’s talk about the essential ingredient for a smooth trip: clear directions to Carrick-on-Shannon. We don’t want you getting lost in the emerald hills or mistaking a leprechaun for a GPS, now do we? So, buckle up and get ready for a delightful dose of directions that will guide you straight to this enchanting gem. Let’s go!

Getting to Carrick-on-Shannon

By Car

carrick on shannon directions

Now we’re talking, mate! If you’re up for a road trip to Carrick-on-Shannon by car, you’re in for a treat. Buckle up and let’s hit the road together, as we unveil the fabulous “Directions to Carrick-on-Shannon”!


You will need to know your way around the main roads and highways that’ll lead you straight to this vibrant haven. Picture this: you’re cruising along the open road, wind in your hair, and the promise of a stag adventure on the horizon. Lovely, isn’t it?

Option 1: By Car from Dublin

  • Take the N4 road westbound from Dublin.
  • Continue on the N4 for approximately 130 kilometers (80 miles) until you reach Carrick-on-Shannon.
  • Along the way, you’ll pass through towns like Longford and Strokestown.
  • As you approach Carrick-on-Shannon, keep an eye out for signs directing you to the town center or any landmarks mentioned.

Option 2: By Car from Galway

  • Take the N6 road eastbound from Galway.
  • Continue on the N6 until you reach the roundabout with the N61.
  • Take the third exit onto the N61 road heading northeast.
  • Follow the N61 for approximately 70 kilometers (43 miles) until you reach Carrick-on-Shannon.
  • Along the way, you’ll pass through towns like Roscommon and Tulsk.
  • As you near Carrick-on-Shannon, watch out for signs guiding you to the town center or any notable landmarks mentioned.

Public Transportation

carrick on shannon directions

Now, here’s the scoop on the various options available to whisk you away to this lively town. You can choose to embark on a scenic bus adventure or hop aboard a charming train ride. Either way, get ready for an unforgettable journey through the Emerald Isle with these directions:

Public Buses

  • Bus Eireann operates regular bus services to Carrick-on-Shannon from various cities and towns in Ireland.
  • From Dublin, you can catch a Bus Eireann service from Busáras, the central bus station.
  • Check the Bus Eireann website or contact their customer service for up-to-date schedules and routes specific to your departure location.


  • Irish Rail (Iarnród Éireann) provides train services to Carrick-on-Shannon.
  • From Dublin, you can take a train from Dublin Connolly station to Carrick-on-Shannon station.
  • Check the Irish Rail website or contact their customer service for the most accurate train schedules and fares.

Frequency and Transfers

  • Bus and train services to Carrick-on-Shannon may vary in frequency depending on the time of day and day of the week.
  • Be sure to check the schedules in advance to plan your journey accordingly.
  • For transfers, it’s important to note that direct routes may be available from some locations, while others might require a change of bus or train. Pay attention to the designated transfer points and allow sufficient time for the switch.


Remember, public transportation services may have updates or changes, so it’s always a good idea to check the respective websites or contact their customer service for the most accurate and up-to-date information regarding schedules, routes, fares, and any necessary transfers.

Hop on that bus or train, embrace the camaraderie of fellow travelers, and enjoy the scenic journey to Carrick-on-Shannon!

Air Travel

Directions to Carrick-on-Shannon

Let’s take to the skies and explore the wonderful world of air travel to our beloved Carrick-on-Shannon! If you prefer the swift wings of an airplane, fear not, my friend, we’ve got you covered with the fabulous “Directions to Carrick-on-Shannon” via air travel!

Now, let’s start with the nearest airports that’ll be your gateways to this Irish gem. The two primary airports serving Carrick-on-Shannon are:

Ireland West Airport Knock

  • Nestled in County Mayo, this charming airport is located approximately 76 kilometers (47 miles) northwest of Carrick-on-Shannon.
  • From here, you can find various transportation options to reach your stag adventure, be it buses, taxis, or car rentals. They’ve got you covered, mate!

Dublin Airport

  • Ah, the bustling gateway to Ireland! Dublin Airport is situated around 180 kilometers (112 miles) southeast of Carrick-on-Shannon.
  • Once you touch down, you can hop on a variety of transportation options to make your way to the stag-filled festivities. Buses, trains, or car rentals, the choice is yours!


When it comes to airlines and routes, you’ll find several options that offer convenient access to Carrick-on-Shannon. While specific airlines and routes may vary based on your departure location, it’s always a good idea to check the schedules and availability. Keep an eye out for airlines that connect to either Ireland West Airport Knock or Dublin Airport, ensuring a smooth journey to your stag escapade.

Navigating Carrick-on-Shannon

Overview of the Town Layout

Let’s get our bearings straight and navigate the delightful streets of Carrick-on-Shannon! Picture this: charming corners, lively lanes, and a river that dances through the heart of town. It’s time to explore the key areas, delightful districts, and notable landmarks that make up this Irish wonderland:

Key Areas or Districts

  • The Quays: Ah, the vibrant pulse of Carrick-on-Shannon! This bustling area along the riverfront is brimming with lively pubs, restaurants, and shops. It’s the perfect spot to soak up the buzzing atmosphere and start your stag adventure on the right note.


  • Bridge Street: Connecting the two sides of town, Bridge Street offers a charming stroll with its picturesque bridge and a delightful mix of boutiques, cafes, and local treasures.


  • Market Yard: A hub of activity and a haven for foodies! Market Yard hosts a lively farmers market and food stalls, where you can sample delicious local treats and stock up on goodies for your stag crew.


  • St. Mary’s Close: Tucked away in a maze of narrow streets, St. Mary’s Close exudes old-world charm and history. You might stumble upon hidden gems, traditional Irish music sessions, or the whispers of ancient stories.

Notable Landmarks

  • The Dock: A vibrant cultural center housed in a beautifully restored old building, The Dock showcases art exhibitions, theater performances, and live music events. Keep an eye out for their exciting lineup!


  • Costello Memorial Chapel: A unique architectural gem, this quaint chapel perched on a hill offers panoramic views of the town and the River Shannon. It’s a hidden gem that’s definitely worth a visit.


  • Carrick-on-Shannon Castle: A historic icon that stands proudly on the riverbanks, the castle’s majestic presence will transport you back in time. Take a moment to admire its grandeur and imagine the stories it holds within its walls.

Local Transportation

Let’s delve into the charm of getting around Carrick-on-Shannon, my friend! When it comes to exploring every nook and cranny of this lively town, we’ve got you covered with the inside scoop on local transportation. So, grab your walking shoes or hail a ride, and let’s uncover the secrets of “Directions to Carrick-on-Shannon”!

Local Transportation Options

  • Buses: Hop aboard the local buses that crisscross the town. They’re a convenient and affordable way to navigate Carrick-on-Shannon, taking you from one end to the other. Keep an eye out for bus stops and check the schedules to plan your adventures accordingly.


  • Taxis: Need a quick and hassle-free ride? Taxis are at your service! Just wave down one of these friendly vehicles or book a ride through a local taxi service. They’ll whisk you away to your desired destination with a smile and a bit of friendly banter along the way.

Availability, Routes, and Fares

  • Buses: The local bus services operate on designated routes throughout Carrick-on-Shannon. Keep in mind that bus schedules may vary, so it’s best to check the timings in advance. As for fares, have some coins or small notes handy to pay the bus driver when you board. It’s all part of the charm, my friend!


  • Taxis: Taxis are readily available in Carrick-on-Shannon, especially in the busier areas like The Quays and Bridge Street. You can either hail one on the street or find a designated taxi stand. Just remember to ask the driver for an estimated fare before starting your journey. It’s always good to be on the same page, isn’t it?

Tips and Recommendations

  • Embrace your inner explorer and enjoy the town on foot! Carrick-on-Shannon is relatively compact, making it a joy to wander around and stumble upon hidden gems.


  • Don’t hesitate to strike up a conversation with the friendly locals. They might have insider tips or charming stories to share about the town.


  • Keep an eye out for pedestrian-friendly paths and bridges, especially when crossing the river. It’s all part of the adventure!

Directions to Carrick-on-Shannon Made Easy!

Now that you’re armed with the directions to Carrick-on-Shannon knowledge, it’s time to embark on your unforgettable journey! Let the roads, the skies, or the local transportation options guide you to this lively town of stag adventures.


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Carrick on Shannon Weather

Carrick on Shannon experiences a year-round mild, moist temperate and changeable weather due to the prevailing winds of the Gulf Stream.

If your planning on visiting the town or holding your stag party here, the best time to visit is from June until September. It is when there are a soft or pleasant temperature and limited rainfall. In June, the highest average temperature in Carrick on Shannon is 17°C in January is the lowest at 7°C.

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Carrick on Shannon’s Weather per Month


On average, Carrick on Shannon weather in January is a maximum of 7° and at least around 2° degrees. There are a couple of days that’ll snow in the said month.



February has similarly the same weather situation as the month of January, except it has lesser rainy days.



On average, March has a maximum of 9° and at least around 2° degrees. In March, there are 14 days of rainfall with a total of 22 mm.



April has a maximum of 12° and at least around 4° degrees.



May is suitable for a city trip in Carrick on Shannon. On average, it has a maximum of 14° and at least around 6° degrees.



The month is suitable for a city trip, road, trip, and walking because it has an average of 17°and at least around 9° degrees. 



Another good month to visit the town. July has an average of around 10° degrees.



On average, August has a maximum of 16° and at least around 10° degrees.



On average, the month of September has a maximum of 15° and at least around 9° degrees.



October has a maximum climate of 13°and at least around 7° degrees.



The climate in November has a maximum of 9° and at least around 4° degrees. 



On average, it is a maximum of 7° in December and at least around 3° degrees.

Things I Miss About Carrick-on-Suir: A Charming Irish Gem That Stole Our Hearts

Things I Miss About Carrick-on-SuirWe’re about to dive into the charming town of Carrick-on-Suir and all the things that make it a place worth longing for. It’s time to wax lyrical about the “Things I Miss About Carrick-on-Suir.”


If you’re not familiar with Carrick-on-Suir, let me introduce you to this hidden gem nestled in the heart of County Tipperary, Ireland. Now, Carrick-on-Suir might not be the biggest town you’ll ever come across, but what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in character and community spirit.

What is Carrick-on-Suir known for?

First off, let’s talk about what Carrick-on-Suir is known for. Picture this: a picturesque town steeped in history, charming cobblestone streets, and delightful old-world architecture. It’s a place where the past and present blend together seamlessly. Carrick-on-Suir is famous for its rich heritage, attracting history buffs and curious souls alike to explore its medieval roots.

How big is Carrick-on-Suir?

Now, let’s address the elephant in the room – just how big is Carrick-on-Suir? Well, let’s be honest; it’s not exactly a bustling metropolis. But that’s the beauty of it! This quaint Irish town is small enough to feel cozy and friendly, yet big enough to surprise you with its vibrant culture and community warmth. It’s like a close-knit family where everyone knows your name.

Is Carrick-on-Suir worth visiting?

Things I Miss About Carrick-on-Suir

But why, you might ask, is Carrick-on-Suir worth visiting? Oh, where do I begin? Besides the obvious historical landmarks and architectural wonders, the town offers a little something for everyone. Whether you’re a history buff, a nature lover, or a foodie on the hunt for delightful Irish cuisine, Carrick-on-Suir has got you covered!

Mountain Slievenamon

Now, let’s talk about the majestic mountain that stands guard over Carrick-on-Suir – the beloved Slievenamon. Ah, Slievenamon, you captivating beauty! This iconic mountain has inspired countless myths, legends, and songs throughout the ages. Whether you’re up for a challenging hike or just a leisurely stroll, conquering Slievenamon is an experience like no other.

River Suir

Of course, we can’t forget about the soul-soothing River Suir that flows through the heart of the town. The gentle murmur of the river is a constant companion to Carrick-on-Suir’s residents and visitors alike. It’s the perfect spot for a riverside picnic or a leisurely boat ride, allowing you to soak in the peaceful ambiance of this charming town.

Carrick-on-Suir Castle

And how could we possibly overlook the magnificent Carrick-on-Suir Castle? Sitting majestically atop a hill, this historic fortress offers breathtaking views of the surrounding countryside. The castle whispers tales of battles and sieges from centuries past, and exploring its ancient walls will transport you back in time.

Carrick-on-Suir Bridge

Now, here’s a fun fact! Did you know that the Carrick-on-Suir Bridge is quite the sight to behold? It may not be the highest bridge you’ll ever see, but its elegant arches and scenic views make it a special spot to take a leisurely stroll or snap a postcard-worthy photo.


But you know, dear reader, what truly makes Carrick-on-Suir stand out? It’s the people – the heart and soul of this town. The locals here are the salt of the earth, welcoming you with open arms and a twinkle in their eye. From the lively pubs where you can join in a traditional Irish music session to the community events that bring everyone together, you’ll feel like you’ve found a second home in no time.


And let’s not forget the festivals! Oh, the joy of celebrating in Carrick-on-Suir is something to behold. From the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, where the whole town dons shades of green and dances to Irish jigs, to the Carrick-on-Suir River Festival that lights up the riverbanks with laughter and fireworks – every festival is a testament to the town’s vibrant spirit.

And if you’re looking for top picks for stag do locations in Ireland, Carrick-on-Suir is just the beginning. The warm hospitality and vibrant atmosphere that define this town extend to various other destinations across the country, making Ireland an ideal choice for an unforgettable stag celebration.

Revisiting Carrick-on-Suir’s Irresistible Charms

The Things I Miss About Carrick-on-Suir are countless. It’s a place where time seems to slow down just enough for you to savor every moment. From its rich history and stunning landscapes to the warmth of its people and the spirit of celebration, Carrick-on-Suir is a true Irish gem that leaves an indelible mark on your heart.

One standout memory is the lively stag parties – vibrant gatherings in local pubs filled with camaraderie, laughter, and the unique charm of Carrick-on-Suir. These celebrations added an unforgettable touch to the town’s already captivating atmosphere, making it a place I fondly remember for its ability to create lasting memories.

So, when you find yourself yearning for a taste of the Irish magic that only Carrick-on-Suir can provide, remember that this charming town awaits your return, arms wide open and ready to embrace you in its embrace once more. Slán go fóill, but not farewell! Until we meet again, Carrick-on-Suir, I’ll be dreaming of your charming streets and delightful company.

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