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Attention, thrill-seekers and mates on a mission to give the groom a legendary send-off! We’ve got the golden ticket to an unforgettable stag party in Ireland – our exclusive Race Buggy Driving package at Stagit! Buckle up because we’re about to turbocharge your celebration with heart-pounding memories and a whole lot of craic.

The Need for Speed

Imagine this: a pack of off-road buggies, a dirt track daring you to conquer it, and the sweet symphony of engines revving up for a wild ride. Our Race Buggy Driving package is the ultimate adrenaline fix for everyone, from seasoned speed demons to first-time racers.

 Get ready for maximum fun and friendly banter because this experience is designed to bring out the competitive spirit in all of you.

What’s in the Mix

Take command of high-performance buggies that eat dirt for breakfast – built for speed and agility. These mean machines promise a ride like no other. Worried about navigating the twists and turns? Fear not! Our seasoned instructors are here to guide you through safety briefings and driving tips, ensuring you’re all set to tear up the track.

Customizable racing formats? Absolutely! Whether you’re up for head-to-head showdowns, against-the-clock thrills, or team-based challenges, our Race Buggy Driving package can be tailored to suit your crew’s preferences.

The Track

Our dirt track is more than just a racing strip – it’s a battleground designed to test your driving skills to the max. With twists, turns, jumps, and straightaways that’ll have you gripping the wheel tighter than a leprechaun hugging his pot of gold. 

And with a backdrop so stunning, it’s practically begging to be Instagrammed. You’re not just racing; you’re making memories worth sharing.

Beyond the Tracks

But hold on, there’s more! After conquering the dirt, head back to a central self-catering apartment, perfect for continuing the craic. And because no Irish celebration is complete without some grub and a pint, enjoy finger food in a local pub. We’ll even sweeten the deal with guestlist entrance to a top-notch nightclub, a reserved table, and a round of shots to keep the party spirit alive.

And, of course, we’re throwing in all the premium extras and a dedicated group website because at Stagit, we know how to turn a stag party into an epic saga.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the ordinary and embrace the extraordinary, gear up for a wild ride with our Race Buggy Driving package. Let the engines roar, the dirt fly, and the banter flow – because this stag party with Stagit is about to hit full throttle!

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