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Bringing Back What a Stag Do Is All About

Weddings are special occasions not only for the bride and the groom, but for their close relatives and friends as well. It marks the beginning of a lifetime with one’s partner. Most folks prepare for the big day because, for anyone getting married, it is a big deal.

Now, what does a stag do have to do with weddings? What is it all about? Here are some of the reasons men have for celebrating that stag party.

SpartansIt Is Tradition

It has become a long-time tradition to celebrate that last night of freedom to give the groom-to-be one last taste of how it’s like to be single before tying the knot.

Some folks may not know that this tradition actually existed way back when the Greek civilization was prominent. Spartan men would spend the evening would spend the evening before the wedding dining with their closest male friends and relatives.

That tradition did continue until these modern times. However, the tradition slightly changed as seen on the news as some stag do pranks and antics have gone viral for being so hilarious or ridiculous for some people.

Hollywood’s Influence

The Spartan tradition did change a lot in terms of stag do activities. Movies cannot help but influence people for their popularity. Borat certainly made the mankini almost like a standard stag do costume. Other movies like Bachelor Party and The Hangover inspire some men to take that stag night into the extreme, drink beyond what they can take, and wake up the morning after with a nasty hangover.

Much like movies, celebrities have also influenced a lot of folks for their popularity. Stag weekends or even week-long celebrations of some celebrities are on the news. Those that idolize those celebrities tend to emulate them as well. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery. Still, this begs the question, do all men need such grand celebrations?

stag partyBe More Practical

Though that wedding day is a monumental event, your mates have lives of their own. That makes it more difficult for a lot of stag groups to really spend time abroad or have a weekend celebration. Stay closer to home and more people might make it. What’s more, that’s more practical as it will definitely cost less.

Dean Gammell did say that a great stag party for most men is, “a good crowd of your friends”. It is the perfect occasion to spend quality time with friends that you do not get to see as often as you’d want. If you really think about it. That’s what a stag party should be all about, having a wonderful time with your mates before tying the knot.

So, choose to have it at a location that’s convenient for all the guests and activities that everyone enjoys. It does not matter if the evening does not follow what most men usually do nowadays for their stag party and just do your own thing. This is also true for hens that plan to celebrate their hen party soon. Just think about it, less money spent for that stag night means more money for the wedding which really is the main event.

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