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Get Ready for Summer or the Hen and Stag Do Season!

It will soon be summer. Summer is the favorite season for a lot of folks to get married. Naturally, that means more stag and hen parties this May. That is good news for the local economy.

According to an article on the Daily Mail, approximately £60 million will be injected into the local economy because of those parties. This is good news for the most popular hen do locations in the United Kingdom like Bristol, Brighton, and London. Of course, the most popular stag do locations in the United Kingdom like Newcastle, Bournemouth, and Nottingham can expect those stag groups throughout the month as well.

Good for Business

Various establishments will certainly get a boost in sales this month. That will include pubs, restaurants, and nightlife establishments. Companies that are involved in travel, accommodations, and fashion will benefit from this influx of cash as well.

It is interesting to note that the recession did not really affect the amount of money that people spend for these parties. In fact, it might come as a surprise for some that the average amount spent per person has even increased the past few years.

It need not be said that summer is always good for those who are in the tourism, stag, and hen industry. A break from school for students will mean spending the holiday in various places as well.

June Brides and Grooms

Alanis Morissette does have a song that goes so far as to say that rain on one’s wedding day is ironic. A person’s wedding day is supposedly one of the most wonderful days of one’s life. That is probably why summer is also the preferred season of many to get married. The sun is usually up and the chance for rain much lower than usual.

June is also known as the start of the wedding season. That means, this May is peak month for all of those stag and hen parties. Those parties will continue on until the summer season finally ends. This is good not just for those cities mentioned earlier. As a matter of fact, the frequency of those parties will be good for all the popular hen and stag party locations all over the world.

June brides and grooms should have their last night of freedom organized by now. If not, it is not too late, but the chances of getting everything in order gets lower as time passes. Why? That’s because a lot of those parties will be taking place this month. Moreover, one should also anticipate the huge influx of tourists in those areas. Summer is also the season for family holidays or trips.

So, those who will be getting married soon should definitely have their stag or hen night organized at this point. For stags that haven’t booked for that trip, browse the website and start booking by choosing a package!

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