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Going to a Strip Club Still the Most Popular Stag Night Activity

According to an article on the Huffington Post, a survey was conducted to see what the top stag night activity is. Whether it’s in accordance to tradition or just something that most men want, the number one stag night activity is still going to a strip club.

The survey just goes to show that, for most men, celebrating that last night of freedom will not be complete without going to a strip club. So, for anyone in charge of organizing for that stag party, make sure to include that sort of nighttime activity.

Other Interesting Findings

Aside from the preferred stag night activity, the survey also showed some interesting trivia revealed by technology. Since the survey was conducted by an online stag company, all of this data was relatively easy to collect.

Based on the survey, it was interesting to note that the size of the group was somehow related to the mobile device used to book the party. Stag groups above fifteen people were using iPhones. Groups composed of ten to fifteen people were using either an iPad or Samsung S3. Smaller groups with less than five participants were either using Samsung S2 or Google Nexus.

As for the email used, it was also interesting to note that more than 25% of stags that booked for a night at the strip club used their AOL email to do so. The second and third place were Yahoo and Hotmail email addresses.

Other Popular Stag Night Activities

As mentioned earlier, lap dancing or a night with exotic dancers is the number one stag night activity. Night club guest list, pub crawl, comedy club, and a meal out are the other four most popular stag night activities.

Come to think of it, those are popular hen night activities as well. Though the type of daytime activities may vary greatly, stag and hen nights tend to involve any or some of those top five activities.

Technology can only say so much about what stags actually want. More often than not, the one organizing for the whole occasion is usually the best man or one of the groomsmen and those are simply the activities they choose to include.

What’s Important

Regardless of what the survey shows, the activities included to celebrate a man’s last night of freedom should include the activities that he will actually enjoy. This means choosing activities that he will really enjoy.

If the stag does not even drink, a night pub crawling will not be a good idea. That is why there are other alternative activities to choose from as well.

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