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Hen and Stag Party Situation in Brighton and Hove

Brighton has long been a popular hen and stag party location for locals and foreign tourists. Even so, local residents and officials are concerned that, eventually, most of its residents will move out due to the current situation.

Some folks may not know that around 1,000 hen and stag parties go to Brighton and Hove every weekend. Last year, the city earned approximately £15 million from stag and hen parties. Clearly, the stag and hen industry is what keeps this city’s economy going. Still, the plea and feelings of local residents cannot be taken astride that easily especially since this industry is what’s causing their discontent.

How It Is in Brighton and Hove

There are around 300 party houses in the city with a regular flow of party people every weekend as of last year. Judging from the statistics mentioned above, families residing in areas near such houses say that their lives are miserable because of the noise and behavior of many revelers.

According to the chairman of the Economic Development and Culture Committee, those parties are part of the city’s appeal. He added that the fact that it is a party destination is what makes it attractive. However, he does acknowledge the complaints of local residents when he said, “we cannot diminish the aggravation and anxiety created in what should be family communities…”

Though the local government tries to “regulate” those party houses, there are just a number of businesses with too much property. Crown Gardens alone has 117 properties that cater to such parties. Brighton Holiday Homes possesses 96 properties too. All of those properties are “within the law,” but the owners, as businessmen, have failed to see how they affect the neighborhood.

Incidents Aside from the Disturbance

Though the disturbance caused by stag parties within the area can be a problem, there have only been two prosecutions related to those party houses. The partying and karaoke was just too much for local residents that the owners were fined £12,000 for breaching noise abatement notices.

That surely won’t stop other property owners that rent out their property to such parties. Even so, a number of them can learn from such incidents.

The Future of Hen and Stag Dos

In the past, residents could still tolerate the late night drinking, noise, music, and shouting because parties in the area were not as frequent. Now that there’s a party every weekend, they are starting to get more vocal.

It certainly makes life a lot more difficult for a Queen’s Park Road resident that’s nursing a baby and taking care of her husband that’s recovering from surgery. Such a ruckus can easily drive her nuts. Still, she places the blame on the council’s lack of planning rather than the party goers.

As some residents choose to move out, this means more property to acquire and rent out for people in the stag and hen industry. The question regarding moderation will really fall on the hands of Brighton and Hove’s local government.

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