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Mankini Ban and the Humiliation Involved in Stag Dos

The mankini is a costume du jour for many stag dos. The expression “different strokes for different folks” come to mind, but it seems as if a lot of stag do organizers still go for the traditional mankini ever since Sacha Baron Cohen wore one to promote his movie, Borat.

It is interesting to note that since the movie was shown in 2006, that has become the trend for stags on their stag weekend or stag do. Since then, stags were made to wear the dreaded mankini as they celebrate a wild night out of town and this has become even more popular for resorts that have become popular stag party locations like Newquay.

The Banning of Mankinis in Newquay

Known for being a fishing port and seaside resort in Cornwall, it is not surprising that a lot of stags choose this town as their stag party destination. In fact, local residents, the police, and tourists can say that they have had it with this type of “offensive clothing.”

Truth be told, a lot of stags will probably breathe a sigh of relief if they’re having their stag do in Newquay as the police just banned this piece of offensive clothing and other inappropriate clothing in the seaside resort. This ban isn’t without a good cause as it aims to decrease the recorded crime and anti-social behavior in town.

The local police superintendent, Julie Whitmarsh, did say, “They (mankinis) are just revolting, there is nothing pleasant about seeing anybody in a mankini.” Still, a lot of best men ask or force the stag to wear one for their last night of freedom. Even Wayne Rooney was not exempt from this as the Manchester United and England national team striker had to wear one for his stag do in Ibiza.

Ritual Humiliation, Going Wild, and Stag Traditions

It is customary for stags to celebrate their last night of freedom as some sort of rite of passage from being single to being married. Most of the time, it involves ritual humiliation, drunken revelry, and a whole lot of fun. At times, this also involves certain costumes and paraphernalia.

Some stags are forced to wear mankinis, dresses, or even other tight-fitting swimwear. As they wear such costumes, some stags are even forced to wield genital themed accessories. Evidently, there is constantly a ritual of humiliation involved in stag parties. If that is not enough, a night of drunken revelry makes a lot of stags more than willing to go on the wild side!

That seemingly typical stag night scenario aside, stag parties do not always have to be that way as there are stag dos that are a lot of fun even if they’re not as wild or not as outrageous. There are so many stag night activities that can make any man’s last night of freedom fun and memorable. Just think about it, it is way better to have a more civilized affair than to see photos of your humiliating moments on Facebook or Twitter!

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