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Ride the Popemobile for Your Stag Do in Ireland

What’s the hottest way to drive around during your stag do in Ireland? Right now, it is the Popemobile used when Pope John Paul II paid a visit to the country back in 1979. Proudly made in Ireland, as this mobile was built in Cork, it is now the most popular mode of transportation for stag dos.

Most people would think that this vehicle would be in a museum right now. However, when Paddy Dunning acquired the Dublin Wax Museum and this popemobile, he decided to rent it out. He did spend $75,000 to resurrect this particular vehicle. It is now fully functional and upgraded with a Mercedes Benz chassis.

Drive Around in a Popemobile

Since the popemobile can accommodate 15 people, it has become a popular vehicle for stag and hen parties. By renting this vehicle, group members do not really have to take separate cars to get around town.

Anyone who is spending their last moments of freedom in Dublin can rent this unique vehicle. According to its owner, Mr. Dunning, this is not just rented out for stag and hen parties. In fact, it can be useful for all sorts of private parties like debutante’s nights and other such parties.

This fancy taxi comes at a fancy price, but for some folks, it is definitely worth every penny. It can certainly make any affair more memorable. This can be rented out at €300 per hour and VAT still needs to be added on to that price.

Visiting the Capital of Ireland

Dublin has long been a popular hen and stag party destination. With over 600 pubs and more clubs, it is one of the cities to party hard. So, if you are having a stag or hen party in Dublin, you now have the opportunity to drive around in a fancy taxi that can accommodate your whole group. See the sights or go pub crawling. For sure, the people’s eyes will be on you.

Those who will be visiting the capital city of Ireland for the first time might also want to see the sights and just use the popemobile for that purpose. A lot of people are at odds that such a vehicle will be rented out for stag parties that can get rather wild. Still, Dunning’s promotional package lists a lot of potential uses. He even plans to get sponsors that will drive it around as a “hopemobile.”

Partying at the Capital City

Dublin has a lot more in store for stags and hens that stay for the night or weekend to celebrate their last moments of freedom. Besides its vibrant nightlife and music scene, Dublin also offers lots of activities that can make those last moments truly memorable.

With lush golf courses, challenging go kart race tracks, wide open spaces for clay shooting and buggy racing, stags can easily find fun activities to enjoy during the day. Of course, at night, Dublin’s nightlife is something worth looking forward to. The choice is yours… go pub crawling or choose a particular venue to drink and party all night!

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