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Stag Nights and the Trouble Adult Establishments Face

A lot of people know that stag nights nowadays tend to be a wild night out with the boys with a “no holds barred” theme going. As that implies, stag groups tend to go to adults establishments and other entertainment centers just to get their fix.

In a way, people celebrate stag parties the same way because that’s how they see it in Hollywood movies. In real life, those adult entertainment establishments get in trouble quite often. Though there are cities tagged as Sin Cities where everything else is legal. In other places, those things just aren’t legal. Even noise can be reason for complaint.

Key West’s Adult Entertainment Club

The Adult Entertainment Club in Key West, located in the United States, a popular stag night stop for a lot of stags, created quite a controversy. For the longest time, Key West held the reputation of a place that tolerates parties where “anything goes.” For that reason, this particular area has been a popular location for a lot of stag and hen parties.

As for that particular establishment, the Adult Entertainment Club also known as the Scrub Club, is actually just one out of many similar clubs in the area which frequented by men. Men visit this club for a lot of reasons. It has seen a lot of stag and divorce parties throughout the year.

Not a lot of people might know that within 756 days, this club has received a total of 301 calls complaining about that club. The main complaint would be the fact that the club bills credit and debit cards without the card holder’s permission. This means thousands of dollars mostly for services not rendered.

European Counterparts

Though nightclubs in Europe are not as notorious as this one, such things can still happen whenever men are too drunk to even remember anything. In one Sin City, Amsterdam, some visitors would even say that if you remember what you did that night, you did not truly experience Amsterdam’s nightlife.

Getting totally wasted during a stag party is not even something out of the ordinary. A lot of men even make such an occasion as their excuse to live the life of a bachelor once again. So, even in Europe, men must be aware of such establishments. They may have a good time then, but once their bill comes, they might be as happy.

It has been said that this happens quite often in Riga. With that in mind, it helps to be wary when one celebrates their last night of freedom in other locations as well.

Actually, stags can always find other stag night activities to enjoy during their last night of freedom. How about a more relaxing stag weekend fishing in Carrick on Shannon? Not all stags really wish for that wild night on the town.

As a matter of fact, nowadays, more stags enjoy other activities like go karting, paintballing, quading, clay shooting, or other such activities that do not really involve women. Having a good time does not always require alcohol and women. Stags just have to get the chance to do the things that they really want to have a good time.

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