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Stags Are Said to Be More Sensible Compared to Hens

Can this be true? Are stags really more sensible compared to hens when it comes to their stag night celebration? Hen nights do tend to be on the more extravagant side nowadays with days at the spa or hen weekends abroad, but some stags are also inclined to do such things.

According to a survey conducted, almost a third of British men fall into the “sensible” category. However, a lot of hens will probably agree as well that men are more sensible when it comes to financial preparations for their stag do.

What Else Does the Survey Show?

The survey showed that thirty three of the men included in the survey had pre-planned budgets. What’s more, they were able to stick to that budget. Only twenty percent of hens can say the same. It also goes to show that women are not the best when it comes to saving money for such an occasion.

Even so, more women tend to decline invitations to hen parties whenever they find it expensive. So, women do have finances in mind. They just aren’t that good with sticking to a particular budget. Also, women tend to go to such parties only when they are very close friends or relatives of the bride-to-be.

The cost of hen and stag parties nowadays are at an average of £150. It did get a lot higher than the past few years. As a matter of fact, the price for such parties increased by more than fifty percent in the past five years. It is rather funny that even the decline of the economy did not do much to affect the expenses for these parties.

Other Trends in the Stag Industry

In a way, a lot of men consider a man’s stag party to be sacred. So much so that they would prioritize spending more money for the stag night rather the wedding. The economic situation also proves that, no matter what their financial situation is, men will find a way to give their mate a proper send off.

Though a lot of men still appreciate traditional stag parties with booze, women, and crazy antics, more men are opting to go paintballing, go karting, or clay shooting with their closest friends and relatives. Of course, the type of celebration will really depend on what the stag wants for his last night of freedom.

Not so surprisingly, there are men that do not enjoy drinking that much. Another sort of party will be better for them. That’s fine since there are really other daytime and nighttime stag party activities to enjoy for stag nights or weekends.

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