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Truly a Stag Night to Remember for the Wrong Reason

Irish American Patrick Gallagher thought that he would be getting the best stag party ever when he went to The Penthouse Club for this stag party. After all, it should be worth every penny as his friends got the diamond package for his stag night which was approximately $140 per head.

The night started out fun, exciting, and maybe even titillating as an exotic dancer pulled him onstage for a lap dance. As the dance progressed… boy was he in for a big surprise!

What Happened at the Club?

The Penthouse Club is a gentleman’s club that boasts of having the hottest staff, events, and entertainment. Usually, what happens on your stag night stays among you and your friends. For The Penthouse Club, that applies as well. Unfortunately, for Patrick Gallagher, what happened at the club couldn’t stay within the club for a number of reasons.

So, as Gallagher was having a good time with the gyrating dancers, one of those exotic dancers tried a more daring feat. She worked herself up the pole and then, launched herself onto him hitting his abdomen rupturing his bladder! In a lot of pain, he and his group had to leave the club much earlier.

What Happened the Morning After?

The morning after, Gallagher had to go to the hospital and ended up in the ER. What’s more, he needed surgery for his bladder. If that’s not bad enough, he also suffered nerve damage in his hip and back. Though money is not enough compensation for the humiliation, mental anguish, and medical bills, he is suing the club for $50,000.

This gentleman’s club actually has a lot of lawsuits filed against them and Gallagher’s would be just one of those. Even so, his lawsuit is still a unique incident. The other lawsuits involve being beaten by bouncers, over serving of alcohol, unauthorized use of photographs, and a slip and fall injury. All of that is aside from the club’s prostitution charges.

All in all, Patrick Gallagher’s stag party was truly unforgettable, but for the wrong reasons. Though such an incident does not really happen so often, this proves that such a thing can still happen. Stags that plan to spend their last night of freedom in The Penthouse Club might want to think twice as well.

A stag night or stag weekend can always include an element of danger. In this case, it is even there when you least expect it. Those that plan to engage in daring or adventurous stag do activities should expect the unexpected and be more cautious.

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