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Ways to Celebrate Your Stag Do This Year

Men who are about to get married tend to look forward to their stag do especially when they have been to really fun stag dos in the past. Now, if you will be having your stag do soon, here are some ways to celebrate your last night of freedom this 2013.

If there’s one thing that a stag do should be… it is that it should be memorable. In order for that stag do to be memorable, you just really have to know what the groom-to-be wants or enjoys. That’s also the reason why the best man is usually the one in charge of planning for it.

Stag Night vs. Stag Weekend

Nowadays, stag weekends are more popular than stag nights. Humble stag nights of days gone by are now replaced with foreign holiday mini vacations. For a lot of men, a weekend in an international destination is much better than just pub crawling or having a night on the town.

Of course, each option will also have its pros and cons. Stag weekends tend to be more expensive and going to an international location adds to the expense as well. Still, for a lot of men, a stag weekend is a lot better as it gives them more time enjoying a number of activities with their best mates.

Also, not everyone can really get time off and spend an entire weekend with you. As opposed to celebrating your stag night in town, only some of your friends might be able to join you for your stag weekend.

Daytime Stag Do Activities

Those that will be spending a stag weekend in an international location will require certain daytime activities to enjoy. Though different men enjoy different things, there are certain daytime stag do activities that appeal to a lot of men.

The most popular daytime activities are 4×4 off-road driving, buggy racing, quading, clay shooting, go karting, and paintballing. Just choose one or two of those to enjoy during the day to make sure that not a minute goes to waste.

Nighttime Stag Do Activities

At night, stags just have to choose the sort of entertainment that they want to have. Most stags choose to go to clubs with exotic dancers. Those that do not really want that can enjoy another activity. One other popular nighttime activity would be pub crawling.

The person in charge of organizing any stag or hen party should make sure that the activities involved will be activities that the celebrant will love. Stag pranks might be fun for some, but others would rather do without them. Basically, you just have to know what the celebrant wants.

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