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What About Joint Hen and Stag Parties

A lot of people tend to do what popular celebrities do and that includes celebrating their hen or stag party in style. The past few weeks, celebrity news was abuzz with Rihanna and Chris Brown’s impending nuptials in Barbados. Moreover, that the couple will be celebrating a joint stag and hen party with their closest friends.

Hen and stag or “Hag” parties are not that uncommon, but not a lot of couples actually do it. Why? There could be so many reasons why joint parties are not that ideal. Though such a party will also have its advantages.

Chris and Rihanna’s Bash

After Riri finishes the European leg of her world tour, their two-week joint hen and stag party will start. The couple decided that sailing off into the sunset with their closest friends is the best way to celebrate their last moments of freedom. Their destination is the south of France.

For two weeks, they will be cruising to various destinations like Corsica and Monaco. That two-week event will be like a 24-hour-a-day party. Hopefully, their guests have enough stamina to party throughout the whole affair.

After their joint party, the couple plans to get married in Barbados. The wedding will take place this summer, on July.

The Pros and Cons

For some couples, having a hag party or hag do is much better as it might allow them to save some money. Of course, if the couple does decide to have something as elaborate as Rihanna and Chris Brown’s two-week celebration, the cost can really get high. However, much simpler celebrations might be more affordable for others.

One other advantage of having a joint party is the fact that no one has to keep any secret. The couple will be together throughout the celebration and there’s no need to hide or lie about what happened during the stag or hen party.

A major disadvantage would be the fact that the couple will have to reach a compromise on the activities involved. As opposed to having a single celebration where the stag or hen can choose certain activities that he or she loves, a joint party will require the same set of activities for both of them.

With that in mind, the amount of guests can also be a problem. A joint party means more people that might not even know each other so well. Though that may also be true for traditional stag or hen parties, a joint celebration means more people to entertain. It certainly makes it a bit more difficult to come up with games and activities that all the guests will enjoy.

What is your opinion about hag dos? Will you consider having one yourself?

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