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Imagine a ball game that’s a mad mashup of American football, hurling, soccer, and basketball, all wrapped up in a cocoon of chaos and laughter. That, my friends, is Powerballz – the ultimate recipe for a competitive stag party with Stagit.

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The Playbook: How It Works

In the world of Powerballz, we’ve got inflatable targets, softballs, footballs, hurls, nets – the whole shebang. We might even throw in some helmets and protective gear because, let’s face it, things are about to get wild in this ball game.


Each ball game challenge is a rollercoaster of hitting, pitching, throwing, and completing tasks that’d make even the toughest lads break a sweat. Picture yourself catching passes, kicking goals, or sinking baskets – all against the ticking clock and a point system that’ll have your head spinning.

Game On: Formats Galore

We’ve got more ball game formats than you’ve had pints at the local. Teams can rotate through different Powerballz stations, dive headfirst into timed rounds for some head-to-head action, or go all out in a knockout tournament. It’s like picking your favorite stout – you can’t go wrong.

What’s in the Package, You Ask?

Get ready for the grand reveal because our Powerballz Package comes with everything a stag party needs to ascend to legendary status:

  • Central Self-Catering Apartment: A home base for the lads to plot strategy and rest those tired legs.
  • PowerBallz Madness: The main event – where the magic, mayhem, and memories happen.
  • Finger Food After Activity in Pub: Refuel at a local pub with finger-lickin’ good grub. You’ll need those energy reserves for the night ahead.
  • Guestlist Entrance into Top Night Club: Skip the queues and waltz into the hottest joint in town. We’ve got connections.
  • Reserved Table in Nightclub: Your throne awaits. Take a seat and revel in the glory of a legendary night.
  • 1 Round of Shots in Nightclub: Kick off the night with a bang – or, more accurately, a shot. It’s tradition.
  • All the Usual Premium Extras: You deserve nothing but the best on your stag night.
  • Dedicated Group Website: Because organizing chaos has never been this easy.


So, lads, ready to up the ante on your stag party in Ireland? The Powerballz Package is here to turn your last night of freedom into a legendary ball game. Book now, and let the madness begin!


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