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Ultimate Stag Party in Carlingford

Carlingford sure delivers when it comes to stag parties! From its coastal views and other attractions to its pubs and restaurants, and to myriads of hotels and accommodations available at-hand, its dumb not to pick this town as your stag tour venue. All these being said, a Carlingford stag party is definitely one for the books.

Ultimate Carlingford Foods and Drinks

A Carlingford stag party isn't complete without good food and amazing drinks with the lads!

Like any other stag on tour, foods and drinks are staples! Good thing Carlingford has great food selections among its highly-known restaurants.

In the award-winning The Baytree Restaurant, you can expect not only friendly staff but most importantly food selections at reasonable prices. You can try their scallops, mussels, and lobsters, among other fresh produced dishes. This restaurant comes with a guesthouse where you can actually stay for accommodation. If you choose to spend the night in this place, they have 7 themed rooms that are warm and cozy.

Another great choice for food if the Ghan House. This is a Georgian restored house with 12 bedrooms and a restaurant in the grand drawing-room. The core of their menu includes Irish beef, local mussels and lobster and fresh fish, which you can all enjoy with the views of Mourne mountains. For special occasions, the place has a private dining room that can accommodate up to 5 to 10 guests. They also have their bar which is intended for their patrons only.

Then, there is also Magee’s Bistro. It is perfectly nestled in the heart of Carlingford which means bars and other restaurants are within the neighborhood. At Magee’s, they offer fresh seasonal foods and cocktail bar. Their outdoor seating area brings a perfect atmosphere of the place.

Now, enough of the foods! Let’s get down to business and talk more about the booze!!!

You can never have a Carlingford stag party and not visit PJ O’Hares Bar. This is the town’s best-known bar where you can relax with fine foods and drinks. Their fully air-conditioned Lounge Bar is the main venue for the party among guests of all ages. However, if you prefer a rather nice atmosphere, they have their large beer garden where the guys can catch up and talk. Upstairs, they have a new addition to the place, which is their Oyster Suite.

Your other next pub selection would be John Long’s Bar. This beer garden with a fantastic view of the Carlingford Mountains is another pub destination. Their front bar is homey and has live music. While the rear section of the place is where live DJ and discos occur.

Complete your drinking sesh at the Taaffe’s Bar. This bar sits nearby King John’s Castle. It has two beer gardens and their Guinness is simply amazing. The place also offers cocktail making classes.

Carlingford Stag Activities

Apart from making trips to Carlingford’s pubs and restaurants, this coastal town has still to offer for stags.

Book a reservation at Greenore Golf Club where the guys can enjoy a golfing experience with added views of magnificent Slieve Foy Mountain and the Mourne Mountains. The place also has a Club House Bar and Restaurant for their members and visitors.

Another exciting Carlingford stag party activity is horse riding. The Ravensdale Lodge Equestrian & Trekking Center is a great location for trekking and horse riding. They cater not only horse riding or race riding but also trekking on sone scenic routes. This is something that the stags will surely enjoy as well.

Another Carlingford stag party must-do is hiking through Carlingford's stunning mountians.

If the stags are looking for ways to whisk last night’s hangover, walking across Carlingford Mountains will be another fun activity. Trek at the Cooley Peninsula and discover fabulous outdoors and sceneries.

Carlingford Stag Hotels and Accommodations

Hotels and accommodations are the last things you have to worry about while in Carlingford. They have multiple selections of hotels from different price ranges. They also have self-catering houses in case the group prefer exclusivity.

The top selection in terms of accommodation in Carlingford is the Four Seasons Hotel. This family-run hotel nestled in a place where you get to have fabulous views of Carlingford Lough and the Cooley Mountains. It has a spa and leisure club which makes it one of great selection for accommodation.

Consequently, McKevitt’s Village Hotel is another perfect stag hotel. It’s also a family-run hotel nestled in the heart of the town. Their accommodation consists of 14 ensuite bedrooms, superb dining, and bar entertainment.

Other Carlingford Stag Destinations

Apart from what’s aforementioned, there are far other activities that Carlingford has to offer. A tour and visit of its top attractions such as Leprechaun & Fairy Underground Cavern, The Mint, or Greenway cab give another flavor to your stag experiences.

Quading in Carlingford

The perfect summer holiday destination for its sandy beaches, beauty, and medieval charm, it is not so surprising that Tommy Maken was inspired enough to write a song about it. Since it is a great setting for any getaway, the town of Carlingford became a popular stag do location as well particularly for stags that long for the sea and appreciate history.

If all that is not enough, this town also has a good number of the best beer gardens and clubs in Ireland. Stags can expect to have a wonderful time at night too or have a stag night that’s truly worth remembering. Choosing to have a stag weekend in this town will have a lot of perks.

Besides lazing around by the beach and enjoying beach related activities, you can also enjoy a number of stag do activities during daytime. Quading or four-wheeling in Carlingford can be one of those activities. A quad bike is meant to be able to handle all sorts of terrain. That means you can enjoy quading by the shore or any other part of the town. Aside from being a great and fun way to fully explore Carlingford, quading is also one of those stag do activities that will be a lot of fun no matter how many people you have in your group.

Paintballing in Carlingford

Carlingford, one of the most beautiful medieval towns in Ireland, is a popular tourist destination because it managed to preserve its historical buildings. There are a number of buildings and streets all over town that have been around since the Middle Ages. Those well-preserved age old structures are the reasons why this town continues to have its charm and appeal. Its sandy beaches only intensify that appeal as this town is known as a haven for anglers and those that love water sports.

In addition to having tourist attractions worth seeing, this town also has a vibrant nightlife. There are so many pubs, clubs, and bars in town featuring different music genres, entertainment, pub fare, and spirits. Its nightlife is reason enough for many stags to choose Carlingford as their stag do location.

Stags might even prefer a stag weekend in town as opposed to a stag night because it allows them to make the most out of their last moments of freedom. Even if a stag weekend is not really enough to experience everything this town has to offer, the key is choosing the best stag do activities the whole group will enjoy. Paintballing in Carlingford can be a memorable experience as this town also has beautiful outdoors that will serve as the perfect setting for any battle zone.

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