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Unforgettable Barracuda Boat Trips on Carrick-on-Shannon: A Personalized Adventure


Ahoy, lads! Picture this: you, your mates, the wind playing tag with your hair, and the mighty River Shannon shimmering in the Irish sun. We’re about to spill the tea on the ultimate stag party adventure – a Carrick-on-Shannon boat trip with Barracuda Boat Tours.

carrick-on-shannon boat trip

Setting Sail on the Shannon: Aye, the Longest River in Ireland!

If you’re looking for the piece of Irish paradise snuggling the River Shannon, Carrick-on-Shannon is the perfect stag party backdrop. No cookie-cutter tours here, just tailor-made experiences for you and your crew.


The River Shannon isn’t just a river; it’s a masterpiece of nature’s artistry. Get ready for lush meadows, quaint villages, and the kind of views that make your heart sing.

Lough Ree: Where Size Matters, Indeed!

Now, onto the hidden gem – Lough Ree. This lake is so vast it makes your favorite pub seem like a cozy corner store. With rolling hills and islands straight out of a fairy tale, it’s a stag party paradise.


History buff, are ye? Lough Ree’s got you covered with ancient monastic ruins and the majestic Athlone Castle standing tall. Time to get your history fix before drowning it in merriment!

Customized Stag Party Bliss: We’re Talking Your Language

No bland itineraries here. We’re all about giving you an experience as unique as your Irish spirit. Stagit’s Barracuda boat trips offer stag parties a playground for epic celebrations.


Stagit’s Carrick-on-Shannon boat trip brings the party to the water. Picture this: onboard games, a fully stocked bar, and memories that will make you laugh like a leprechaun. We tailor the trip to your liking, be it thrilling water sports, fishing duels, or even themed parties.

Corporate Crews: Your Water Cooler Just Got Bigger

For corporate crews, we’ve got team-building and networking against the stunning backdrop of Carrick-on-Shannon. Customized activities, challenges, and workshops – because a productive day should also be a fun one.

Family Fun on the Waves: Something for Everyone

Families, fear not! Our boat trips cater to all. Nature scavenger hunts, lakeside picnics, and leisurely cruises for the parents – we’ve got an adventure for every age.

Flexibility and Exclusivity

Worried about time? We’ve got the flexibility of a River Shannon bend. Choose your departure time, be it dawn or dusk. For the real daredevils, we offer multi-day excursions. Who needs land when you can have the water as your playground?


Now, let’s talk about exclusivity. Stagit’s Carrick-on-Shannon boat trip is like having a floating castle. It’s just you, your crew, and the open waters. Bid farewell to prying eyes and embrace the tranquility of Carrick-on-Shannon’s waterways.

Why Stagit? Because We’re the Craic!

Choosing us  means you’re not just booking a boat trip; you’re diving into an experience tailor-made for your crew.We’ve got the keys to make your stag party in Ireland flowing with excitement!


So, what are you waiting for? Contact us and let the Carrick-on-Shannon boat trip craic begin! Grab your mates, raise a glass, and let the river adventure roll.


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