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Unleash Your Inner Lumberjack: Axe Throwing Ireland for Epic Stag Parties

Top of the mornin’ to ya, adventure-seekers and party animals! If you’re on the hunt for a stag party that breaks the mould, look no further than the thrill of the axe throwing Ireland experience. Picture this: you, your mates, and a bunch of axes — let the shenanigans begin!


In this blog, we’ll be covering the grandest Axe Throwing Venues in Ireland:

The Best Axe Throwing Venues in Ireland

Axe Club Dublinaxe throwing ireland

Dublin, the heart of the Emerald Isle, isn’t just about Guinness and leprechaun sightings. It’s also home to the legendary Axe Club Dublin, where you and your gang can unleash your inner lumberjacks in style. This ain’t your ordinary stag party; it’s a journey into the world of adrenaline-pumping axe throwing.

Stag Party Packages Worth Their Weight in Gold

Axe Club Dublin isn’t just throwing you axes and sending you on your merry way. They’ve got some top-notch stag party packages lined up for you:

Basic Package

For €35 per person, you get a solid hour of axe throwing for up to 10 people. Safety gear is a must, so you’ll be suited up like a pro.

Premium Package

Take it up a notch with the Premium Package at €45 per person. You get everything from the Basic Package plus a round of drinks for each of your party animals.

VIP Package

Go all-in with the VIP Package at €60 per person. This includes the Premium Package offerings and a private axe throwing lane just for your crew. Who’s feeling fancy now?


Do note that the prices may vary, it’s always best to visit Axe Club Dublin for a more accurate price range.

Axes and Adventures Galore

Hold onto your kilts, because Axe Club Dublin is more than just flinging axes. They’re all about turning your stag party into a full-blown adventure:


  • Bushcraft Bonanza: Ever wondered if you could survive in the wild like Bear Grylls? At Axe Club Dublin, you can learn bushcraft skills like fire making, shelter building, and even knife skills. It’s like a stag party and survival training rolled into one.
  • Team Throwdown: Challenge your mates to epic axe throwing games and activities. It’s not just about hitting the target; it’s about hitting it with style.
  • Corporate Shenanigans: Thinking of unconventional corporate events? Axe Club Dublin is your go-to. They’re up for hosting team-building sessions or even product launches. Because who needs another boring boardroom meeting?

Galway Axe Throwing: Tom O’ Hawksaxe throwing ireland

Hear that? The seagulls are cheering you on as you embrace your inner Viking at Tom O’ Hawks. The only place that has a 5 star rated indoor axe throwing Ireland offers. Nestled in Galway, this is the place where stag parties are transformed into legendary adventures.

Packages Fit for a Stag King

At Galway Axe Throwing, they’re all about giving you and your crew a stag party to remember:


  • 1-Hour Introduction: €150 per person gets you a full hour of axe throwing goodness. Get ready to channel your inner warrior and show that bullseye who’s boss.
  • 2-Hour Axe Throwing Party: For €200 per person, you’ve got two hours to perfect your axe-throwing technique. And don’t worry, you’ll have expert coaches on hand to guide you through.


Do note that the prices may vary, it’s always best to visit Tom O’ Hawks for a more accurate price range.

Discounts, Drinks, and Do-overs

But wait, there’s more! Tom O’ Hawks knows how to treat stag parties like the VIPs they are:

Discounts for Bigger Bashes

Groups of 10 or more get a 10% discount on the 1-hour session and a whopping 20% off on the 2-hour party. More friends, more fun, and more savings!

Axe Junkies: Waterford’s Urban Axe Throwing Havenaxe throwing ireland

Heading south to Waterford, get ready to dive into the world of urban axe throwing with Axe Junkies. It’s all about camaraderie, competition, and conquering those bullseyes.

The Ultimate Stag Party Thrill

Axe Junkies takes stag parties to a whole new level:


  • Basic Package: €35 per person for an hour of axe throwing, complete with safety briefings and coaching from experienced instructors.
  • Plus Package: Go big with the Plus Package at €45 per person. You’ll not only throw axes but also compete in a beer pong tournament. Let the good times roll!
  • Premium Package: At €55 per person, you’ll enjoy a pizza party in addition to axe throwing. It’s the trifecta of stag party awesomeness.


Do note that the prices may vary, it’s always best to visit Axe Junkies for a more accurate price range.

In the End, It’s All About the Axes and Laughs

So, lads, when it comes to unforgettable stag parties, axe throwing Ireland takes the cake (or should we say, the Guinness?). Whether you’re aiming for the bullseye or just aiming to have a blast, these venues have got you covered. Gather your mates, don your finest stag party attire, and let the axe-throwing craic commence!


What are you waiting for? Add Axe Throwing now to your list of stag party ideas!


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