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Archery Tag

Are you in search of the ultimate Archery Tag experience in Ireland? Well, look no further! We’ve crafted the perfect packages to satisfy your hunger for arrow-slinging excitement.

lads playing archery

Curious about what our Archery Tag Ireland experience has in store for you? Well, you’re in luck! We’ll be diving into the exciting details below

Unleash Your Inner Archer

Whether you’re a greenhorn or a seasoned bowman, our fully trained expert staff is here to guide you through the ancient art of archery. It’s not just about hitting targets; it’s about developing mental focus, visualizing success, and achieving that perfect shot.

If you’re new to the game, brace yourself for a pleasant surprise. You’ll be hitting bullseyes before you know it! Armed with a 28-pound bow (or a lower one for the smaller folks) and specially designed hard foam-tipped arrows, you’ll be outscoring the opposition, catching arrows mid-air, and dodging with the finesse of a true archer.


How long does the Archery Tag excitement last? Well, that depends on the size of your merry band! Our games usually run around 60 minutes, ensuring you get a hearty dose of adrenaline and laughter.

Archery Near Me, Wherever I May Be!

No need to worry about location! We bring Archery Tag to every nook and cranny of Ireland. One of our prime spots is at Get West, with locations in Galway, Limerick, Athlone, and Carrick-on-Shannon. That’s right – no matter where you are, we’ve got the arrows and the craic ready.

Get West boasts a dedicated arena, complete with inflatable bunkers and obstacles scattered across a sprawling outdoor space. It’s an immersive battlefield experience. And don’t fret about parking – it’s free and aplenty!

We’ve Got the Equipment!

  • Bows: We have recurve bows, perfect for recreational use. They prioritize safety and ease of handling, making sure you can focus on hitting that target.
  • Arrows: Designed specifically for Archery Tag, they feature soft, foam-tipped ends for safety without sacrificing the thrill. Crafted from durable plastic or fiberglass, these arrows ensure a long-lasting, action-packed experience.
  • Protective Gear: Don’t forget the armor – helmets to ward off headshots, masks or face shields for extra facial protection, and archery gloves to keep those fingers nimble and injury-free when drawing the bowstring.

Draw Your Bow!

Get ready for an archery experience near Ireland’s hotspots, tailor-made for you. Unleash your inner archer with Stagit. Perfect for friends, families, corporate events, school groups, and stag/hen parties. Fill up the form and let the adventure begin. May your arrows fly true, and the craic be ever in your favor! 


Hold on to your inflatable hats, lads! It’s time to transform your stag party in Ireland into a legendary voyage with Stagit’s Irish White Water Rafting Stag Party Extravaganza – where the rivers flow wild, the laughter runs deep, and the memories are as epic as the rapids!

Ride the Waves: The Essence of White Water Rafting

Let’s dive right in, shall we? White water rafting isn’t your average paddle in the park. It’s an adrenaline-fueled odyssey where mates become river warriors, tackling rapids and conquering the untamed waters like a crew of Irish pirates. 

Picture yourselves in an inflatable raft, riding the liquid rollercoaster – it’s the kind of thrill that’ll have you shouting “white water rafting” even in your dreams!

Why Go Irish White Water Rafting?

Now, imagine cranking up the excitement against Ireland’s stunning landscapes. The Emerald Isle isn’t just green hills and pots of gold; it’s the ultimate backdrop for a stag party filled with river-roaring adrenaline and good ol’ Irish banter. Stagit’s Irish white water rafting is not just an adventure; it’s a legendary celebration before the big “I do.”

The Ultimate Irish Stag Aquatic Adventure

Our Irish White Water Rafting Stag Party Package is a tidal wave of excitement, perfectly blending the thrill of white water rafting with Stagit’s signature hospitality.

Sink into Breathtaking Locations

Immerse yourselves in the liquid beauty of Ireland as you raft down rivers that could give Poseidon a run for his money. From rugged landscapes to heart-pounding rapids, your stag adventure is framed by Ireland’s natural grandeur. It’s like being in your own action-packed blockbuster, with water splashes instead of popcorn.

Guides as Smooth as the Current

Glide through the waters confidently, guided by our certified river whisperers who know these rivers like they know the best fish and chips joint. Safety is our surfboard, allowing you to ride the waves without a care. They’re like your river-savvy mates but with a knack for storytelling and impeccable water navigation skills.

Tailor the Splash

This isn’t a cookie-cutter adventure; it’s your liquid playground. Choose between half-day or full-day rafting escapades and mix in some other wet ‘n’ wild Irish adventures to create your custom wave-riding experience. It’s like designing your water slide – but with more cheers and fewer queues.

What’s Packed in the Wet and Wild Package:

  • Central Self-Catering Accommodation
  • White Water Rafting Extravaganza
  • Post-Rafting Pub Grub
  • VIP Dive into Top Night Club
  • Reserved Table
  • 1 Round of Shots
  • All the Premium Extras
  • Dedicated Group Website

So, lads, get ready for a stag party with Stagit that’s wetter than a dolphin’s daydream! Stagit’s Irish White Water Rafting Stag Party is here to make your celebration a tidal wave of legendary memories.


Gather ’round, you party animals and daring daredevils! Stagit’s got the antidote to your stag party boredom – behold the uproarious, knee-slapping, downright bonkers DODGEBALL Package. Brace yourselves for a wild Irish dodgeball adventure that will leave your squad questioning reality!

Unleashing the Irish Dodgeball Extravaganza

Exclusive Irish Venues

We didn’t just find venues; we unearthed dodgeball sanctuaries! From the buzzing streets of Dublin to the whimsy of Galway, our handpicked spots are the canvas for a stag party masterpiece. Irish charm? Check. Heart-pounding excitement? Double-check. Get ready to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge in style!

Professional Dodgeball Instructors

Say goodbye to amateur hour. Our dodgeball maestros, direct from the beating heart of Ireland, are here to turn you into dodgeball demigods. Learn the art of dodging, master the banter, and embrace the Irish spirit of “may the best man dodge” under their legendary guidance. Safety first, laughs a close second!

Championship Tournament

Enough chit-chat; it’s time to crown the dodging champions! Immerse yourself in a tournament that’ll test your skills, boost your adrenaline, and create stories wilder than a leprechaun’s night out. Pro tip: dodgeball prowess might just be your ticket to glory – and a free round at the pub!

Still not convinced? Allow us to drop some dodgeball truth bombs:

  • Central Self Catering Apartment: Your dodgeball HQ, where legends rest and recover.
  • Dodgeball Session: Because dodging responsibility is the name of the game.
  • Finger Food After Activity in Pub: Refuel with grub that’ll make you forget dodging is a workout.
  • Guestlist Entrance into Top Night Club: Skip the queues – because dodgers don’t wait.
  • Reserved Table in Nightclub: VIP treatment for the legends who conquered dodgeball.
  • 1 Round of Shots in Nightclub: Because every victory deserves a toast.
  • All the Usual Premium Extras: We’ve got it all covered – so you can focus on dodging, celebrating, and living your best wild Irish life.
  • Dedicated Group Website: Because your dodgeball saga deserves its digital monument.


Ready for a stag party in Ireland that defies the laws of sanity? Grab your dodgeballs, rally your crew, and dive into the chaos with Stagit. This isn’t just a party; it’s a dodgeball-induced frenzy that will go down in folklore. Let the dodging madness commence!

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